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Common Mistakes in Web Design

There are millions of websites out on the World Wide Web, but for every well-designed page, there are countless websites with poor layout or mistakes. So how do you keep your websites from falling under the category of ‘poorly designed?’ It could be difficult to know what classifies as a mistake when designing a page,… Read More »

Important Web Design Terms – 10 Words You Need to Know

When it comes to web design, there are dozens of terms that are used to refer to certain aspects of the design process – and some are important to know so you can quickly and efficiently create websites and understand the various components of them. While there are countless words a web developer or designer… Read More »

Top 10 Mobile Design Mistakes

When creating a mobile website design, you want to follow a few simple rules. Avoiding these simple mistakes can help your design not only stand out, but also bring in new customers on a regular basis. Here are the ten most common mistakes and how to avoid them. Also, read our other article about webdesign… Read More »

What are the Top 7 Content Management Systems?

Despite the complicated term, the idea of a content management system is simple – it’s a web application that accommodates HTML content. By featuring HTML material on a website, owners can control the look and feel of the page in addition to creating or editing the basic functions of a website. There are countless content… Read More »