Link Building and its Effect on Search Engines’ Ranks

By | March 8, 2015

linkbuildingLink building refers to the process of posting your links on other websites so as to improve your SEO strategy. The more links you have, the better your SEO will be and the higher the rank you can achieve. So how does link building help you in achieving this? Actually, when you have many links pointing to your website, search engines find your website to be Monroe authentic and credible. As such, they allot you a higher rank. In other words, you can regard link building as referrals, and you will need to acquire them if you want to be top or at least close to it on the search engine’s results pages.

Now that we have presented a quick review, let us consider link building in detail.

The Importance of Link Building

Link building increases your visibility

When you have more links, you are increasing your visibility. More people can view your content. If you can be appealing, they may even want to avail your product or services.

Link building can help you in branding efforts

Like we said, link building increases your exposure and provides you access to a larger audience, which increases awareness about your company. As long as your content is valuable, you will be able to entice quite a lot of people.

Link building can help you in building traffic

When more people view you links, more of them will access your website. As such, you will be catering to increased web traffic, and if you use the right strategies, you can easily tap into this. Do this in the right way, and a lot of leads will convert to sales.

Link building improves your rank

This is the most important benefit of link building. It can help you in achieving a better rank; the more links you pots, the more towards the top your website can be.

Link Factors that Can Affect Your Website Ranking

As already mentioned, link building helps you achieve a higher rank on the search engines results pages. Obviously, other factors also affect your rank, but link building makes a really notable contribution, which you should cash into.  While at this, there are three main factors which you should consider.

Link Quality

Generally, it is thought that the more links you have, the better your rank will be. However, the actual rule is slightly modified.  It goes as the more quality links you have, the better the rank will be.

The main point here is that you should not just have links; you should have links that are of a high quality, meaning that you post them on reputed websites. If this is not so, your link building tactics will fail to bring you the results you want.

Number of Links

Other than the quality of links, Google also considers the number of links. If this number is higher, Google will regard your website as more valuable, and assign it a higher rank.

Anchor Text

anchor-textAnchor text is the process of embedding text with a link. Search engines regard these as a manner in which websites describe one another. As such, if you point a link at your website in this manner, search engines will think that you are an expert in that niche. So along with links, you should also make use of anchor text.


Now that you know what link building is and the way in which can affect your rank, let us come across another important factor. How can you set up links for yourself? There are plenty of ways with which this can be done, but only the most effective ones are viewed here.

  • Social media is the best way to share you links. Speak out and provide your followers the latest updates.
  • Blogging can help you in building links, but you will have to share your content. You can use social media for this or a link building tool, but for the latter option, you will have to pay an amount.
  • If your website contains images, you can embed them with links. Search engines will be able to catch this and increase your number of links.